Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How to Make Christmas Ribbons and Bows

Letter of Christmas can be the difference between a good and an excellent gift. Do not know how? Check out the article and notice that it is very simple.

Upon arrival the holiday season activities multiply home: we must home decorating, Select and decorate Christmas tree, make Christmas figures, Wrap Gifts, make piƱatas, Christmas wreaths Christmas cakes, wines for the toast of either December 24 or New Year, etc. None of the above examples would look like if they are not accompanied with a beautiful Christmas ribbon.

Ribbons for decorating gifts

Claiming that all Christmas decorations are held by a single person, it is virtually impossible, therefore it is essential that all family members: dad, mom and of course the children.

Small and not so young can help make Christmas ribbons and bows, so will be busy, feel useful and perform an activity that greatly favors fine and gross motor skills.

Besides the above, make crafts provides one who does them: peace, tranquility, achievement of challenges, teamwork and independently of all this family togetherness.

What does it take to assemble a Christmas bow?

The elements are very simple, basically the most important thing is:

* Select an appropriate ribbon Christmas, festive decorations are red, white, gold, silver, green or yellow and many others.
* Also the width of Christmas ribbon will be decisive, it is assumed that a narrow material would result in the bow and small intestine, while a wide appeal; the bond will be large and robust holiday.
* Another thing to watch is that the material of the bow has to be double sided and quality in order to avoid handling wear or breakage.
* For some Christmas decorations need to use cotton thread and invariably resistant scissors sharp peak.

How to make a Christmas bow?

The technique to develop a bond that allows decorate Christmas gifts is very simple, basically it is decorative and wrapping tape to look at figures that allow the gift or present at that special date.

Crafts Christmas classic bun

This decoration is usually located on gifts or whether Advent wreaths or adorning the door. It's a Christmas craft for simple and easy. For the loop conformation is essential that every mother teaches their children.

1. Cut a strip of Christmas decorative ribbon or garland for Christmas during his election.
2. Fold in half.
3. Make two loops (ears) on the sides of section 2, the size of the desired knot.
4. Crossing the ears.
5. In the gap resulting from the intersection, enter one of the loops.
6. Pull and tighten the knot.
7. Arrange the ears of ribbon and curl with scissors, if necessary, the ends of the scallop.

Christmas decoration, ball type knot

To make this Christmas decorative ribbon strip is necessary to 2 meters long. This gift bow is often used to decorate arrangements, boxes or large items, since by its nature takes a lot of volume.

1. Make bends every 20 centimeters on each other, as if he were rolling along.
2. Locate the 10 centimeter, make a mark.
3. While in that location, leaving a center of about 2 centimeters.
4. Make a cut from the outside in on ">" and "<" on the sides of the center.
5. Strongly adjusting the center, with cotton yarn, but never to break.
6. Remove the loops of the bow up, down, left and right to form a ball.
7. If you want more colorful, fillet the edges of the loops, in order to obtain thin films.

Learn to make a type star bow

This Christmas craft for its star-shaped is appropriate to place it is spacious and flat, without much volume. To make this Christmas decorative ribbon strip is necessary to 2 meters long.

1. Located on one end and make a big loop on the same ribbon.
2. The game between the index finger and thumb is basic.
3. Turn back a bit and make a loop on the previous.
4. So continue to have a back or base.
5. If it is difficult to keep the loops together, can staple in the center, it first round.
6. Continue turning and making loops.
7. If it is set ears are getting smaller.
8. The operation ends when filling the space generated by the first round with ears.
9. Will be clamped to finish.

Ties are excellent for Christmas decorations enhance the beauty of things that have them.